Also known as contrology, Pilates focuses on strengthening your core muscles (comprising both abdominal and back muscles) and increasing your postural and muscular strength through low-impact exercises. The practice lengthens major muscle groups in a balanced fashion, thereby rehabilitating existing injuries and preventing future ones. Pilates also improves joint mobility as it focuses on proper biomechanics. 

We offer private and semi-private sessions (limited to two or three per class). Students who are new to Pilates must undergo at least one private session (or semi-private if you have friends of similar physical fitness levels) with an instructor. You will be given a complimentary, comprehensive postural analysis during your first session wherein an instructor will assess your body condition and determine your strengths and weaknesses. All private and semi-private sessions utilise studio equipment, including the V2 Max Reformer, arc and ladder barrels, stability chair, BOSU balls, and mat. Students can advance to our group classes once they have a sound foundation of Pilates basics.

We currently offer two group classes: Pilates Blast and Pilates Express. Each group session is limited to six students.
Pilates Express is an accelerated programme combining traditional mat work with reformer exercises. The fast-paced, 55-minute class is an ideal form of exercise for time-pressed office workers as it incorporates cardio.
Pilates Blast is a reformer-focused class that also utilises BOSU balls and mat work. While slower than our lunchtime express class, instructors continue to challenge students and develop strength and flexibility through varied exercises. 

Looking to push yourself? The Pilates Challenge is a fun and intensive 7-day regime designed by Susan for groups of 4-6 students. Speak to us about joining our monthly Challenge at +65 9633 8016.  


This class utilises a padded foot plate, also known as a jump board, on the Pilates V2 Max Reformer. The workout is built around a choreographed cardio routine and employs the principles of Plyometrics, which develop speed and power in the quadriceps. Your core strength will be challenged as you improve your coordination and balance. This is a low-impact class as the non-gravitational jumping movements produce less stress on joints. 


The GYROTONIC® method comprises circular, spiralling movements performed fluidly on specialised equipment. This class is primarily conducted using the GYROTONIC Expansion System®, a system of weighted pulleys and rotational discs, building balance, core strength, and flexibility while enhancing joint mobility and stimulating circulation. The multiplanar movement patterns closely resemble movement patterns of everyday life and reduce the risk of degenerative joint mobility conditions such as osteoarthritis (arthrosis).

Suspension Training

Suspension training challenges your core and other stabilising muscles through resistance exercises using your body weight and gravity. The method concurrently develops strength, flexibility, balance, and joint mobility. This exercise is suitable for more advanced students.

Ballet Barre

This programme taps on Susan's classical ballet training and fuses Ballet fundamentals Pilates, and GYROTONIC® principles. Unlike trendy barre classes, Ballet Barre at équilibre is conducted at a slower pace and in accordance to the classical ballet syllabus, developing strength and long, lean muscles through isometric contractions. We utilise a range of motions to target different muscle fibres, focusing on the extension and elongation of the entire body by strengthening the spine, knee, hip, and ankle joints.

Pilates for Teens

Correct poor posture or reduce the risk of potential back pain at this teenager-only class. This fun and fast-paced class is suitable for teenagers aged 13-18, targeting posture, muscle alignment, core strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Teenagers who are currently involved in high-intensity sports will also reduce their risk of injuries due to imbalanced muscles. Students should meet a recommended minimum weight of 40kg as this class utilises a resistance-weighted Reformer.

Movement for Kids

Focused on instilling the fitness ABCS of ability, balance, coordination, and strength in children aged 6-12 years old, this fun and upbeat class is built around the BOSU ball, Pilates mat, and barre. Children will learn proper movement patterns while strengthening muscles in a balanced fashion to enhance joint mobility and reduce the risks of any future injuries. This class is especially beneficial for children with hyperextended limbs or joints or those currently involved in high-intensity sports.