Combining classes

As équilibre offers multiple fitness and wellness methods, we always welcome students to mix and match these methods in their exercise regime. You can incorporate Pilates, the Gyrotonic® method, Suspension training, and even Ballet Barre exercises in a single session. Our instructors are trained to design workouts to challenge your body and will begin incorporating different methods once a student has mastered good form and shows an understanding of proper biomechanics. 

Frequency and results

Consistency is key to seeing quicker results. We recommend beginning with twice-weekly classes in order for your body to efficiently learn the required techniques.

Class safety

Safety is our utmost priority in all our classes and methods we use, which is why we tailor workouts to suit individual needs and body conditions. The methods we employ in class have been assessed and established as safe, reputable practices by and within the industry. équilibre instructors are all fully qualified to lead the classes they teach, having completed at least one industry apprenticeship after obtaining their certification.

Existing injuries and rehabilitation

If you currently suffer from existing pain (e.g. joint pain), we always recommend consulting a doctor before undertaking exercises. We do, however, work with clients with existing injuries as part of their rehabilitation process. Some common conditions we work around are: slipped discs, knee pain, hip pain, and ankle pain. We also conduct classes for pre- and post- surgery clients, and are able to work with any degree of injury and/or level of fitness by modifying exercises and working within your comfort range. Under our instructors, you will learn to safely develop and/or re-develop strength, flexibility, and balance. 


We are experienced in working with pre- and post natal clients and understand how to safely adapt exercises to suit pregnant clients. Please consult your doctor before commencing or continuing your practice with us. 

What to bring and wear

Please wear light and comfortable clothes that will allow you to move and stretch freely during your workout. Attire can be loose but should preferably be fitted to allow instructors to see the alignment of your bones and muscles, so they can properly correct your form if necessary. Men must wear underwear beneath their shorts. All students are required to wear socks for hygiene purposes. We provide fresh towels for your use.


Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your class. This is applicable to both private and group sessions. Cancellations without a 24-hour window will be charged accordingly. Emergency changes to class schedules will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Studio etiquette

Our studio is a soothing, intimate space of healing where we respect each student's time. Please refrain from making too much noise while lessons are ongoing.