Massage therapy is integral to a holistic wellness regime. Lead by an accredited Tui Na specialist with over X years of experience, équilibre offers massage sessions within our studio to relax tense muscles or accelerate recovery. We provide Tui Na massage therapy as the method uses the principles of osteopathy to ensure the accurate alignment of the skeleton to prevent any potential compromise of the nervous system. 

Tui Na is a hands-on, Chinese massage treatment that uses rhythmic compression techniques and acupressure to remove blockages and effectively balance the energy (Qi) within the body. The therapist will massage your muscles and tendons, applying pressure to acupoints and nerve groups to allow the qi to move through the meridians and muscles. Some techniques employed include: brushing, kneading, rolling, pressing, rubbing, shaking, and tapotement. In traditional Chinese medicine, the blockage of qi leads to the build-up of toxins, which can manifest in muscle swelling, water retention, and other health problems. 

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